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Training Plans

Built by our Training Peaks level 2 and Ironman U Accredited Coach, Coach Chris we will get you to the start line of your first or your fastest race no matter the distance.

1.2.1 Personalised Coaching

Work with your coach to develop your fitness and skills to allow you to get the most out of your training with regular coach contact to support you all the way to race day and beyond.

Training Consultation

Chat with Coach Chris to identify any areas for improvement in your training. Completely tailored to your needs to help you find solutions to your training, nutrition and race day performances.

Get up, Get out, Get it Done.

Here at The Triathlon Coaching Company, we are truly passionate about helping athletes reach their goals. We fully understand the problems that busy athletes face every day as we face the same things too!

Trying to balance the everyday issues like:

  • Work
  • Family
  • Social life

That's why we focus on the three keys to increasing your performance:

1.    Your endurance – Simply put your ability to swim, bike or run for a prolonged period of time, a vital component of your fitness required for all triathlon distances but especially important for Ironman. We specifically build your training to increase your endurance at a manageable rate to ensure you are able to cover the distance of your chosen race.

2.    Your skills – It's fantastic to have the engine to be able to swim, cycle or run for hours on end. Still, if you haven’t got the underpinning skill to do this effectively, you will be wasting energy, toying with injury and not getting the maximum benefit from the training you are doing. That's why we spend time building your skills across swimming, cycling and running.

3.    Your time – We know that not everyone has 15 hours of free time available to train and that time away from your busy work schedule needs to be shared between family, friends and your training. This is why we always look to build our plans with a minimum amount of time for the maximum amount of return. What we mean by this is that we aim to make our plans as efficiently as possible, getting you the most ‘bang for your buck’ from the sessions in the smallest amount of time possible to ensure you can still have a life outside of your training!

What People Say About Us

"My coach has completely changed the way I train. I train more efficiently now which means I train less. It’s quality over quantity. Since this change in the way I train I have not sustained any injuries which is fantastic.."

By Sarah

"I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Coach Chris. His knowledge, experience, understanding and patience has made a massive difference in my performance. In particular my swimming and running have improved dramatically under his coaching (these were definitely areas which needed some work ). With Chris it’s a two-way process: he listens and adapts training to fit in with your ever-changing needs and lifestyle."

By Vicky