1.2.1 Endless Pool Coaching


Are you looking to improve your stroke?

As part of our drive to give athletes the best possible experience and to improve their overall fitness and skills in swimming, biking and running, we have teamed up with Alpha BodyWorx  to offer our 1.2.1 endless pool sessions. Located on Mold Industrial Estate, not only do they have a top-of-the-range Hydropool Swimspa, they also have an amazing gym, Zwift training suite, functional fitness suite and great fitness classes!

If you want to develop your stroke and improve your skills with limited time available, then our endless pool 1.2.1 coaching sessions are exactly what you need, tailored to your current skill and fitness level. Coach Chris will help you reach your goals.

Coach Chris will analyse your current stroke and work with you to improve your stroke efficiency, improve your fitness and help you swim faster; regardless of your current swimming skill we can help you. 

Coach Chris is a qualified Level 3 Triathlon Coach, Level 2 Swimming Teacher and open water coach and coach educator with over 20 years of experience teaching adults to swim.
From complete beginners looking to take their first steps into the pool to advanced swimmers looking to push their current speeds, Coach Chris can help.

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Choose this option if you require a 1.2.1 coached session. You will get a 45-minute swim session with your coach looking at developing your swim stroke, working on your skills and giving advice about your training etc

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Choose this option for our full and in-depth video analysis, including a full detailed report on your stroke and a 6-week training plan (provided through Training Peaks) focussed on your particular limiters to help build your stroke up and develop your fitness.

How to book


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Input your payment details and fill in our client form. You will then get a confirmation email for your bookings!


Why Choose us?

Our 1.2.1 sessions are fully personalised to you, covering all aspects of:

  • Confidence building 
  • Technique
  • Endurance
  • Training Advice

Coach Chris will guide you through the session, giving you on deck feedback, technique adjustments and encouragement to take you to the next level in your swimming.

We are focused on getting you swimming with great technique, less energy and the confidence to cover the distances for your race.