Tri-Fit Group Sessions


Are you looking to develop your strength and flexibility for next season?  Want to work with other like-minded people looking to improve strength, flexibility and overall robustness?  These sessions are for you! 

Join us every Tuesday from 06:15-07:15 at AlphaBodyWorx!

Each session is designed to give you a full-body workout. Each session is designed to complement your current training and level of fitness; whether just starting out or with years of experience, you'll find these sessions beneficial and a worthwhile investment to get you up, get you out and help you get it done!


How to book


Choose the session, date and time you wish to attend

Step 2

Select continue or reoccurring (if you want to book a set of sessions)

Step 3

Input your payment details and fill in our client form. You will then get a confirmation email for your bookings!

How will the sessions help you?

Improve Strength

Each session is specifically designed to increase your overall functional strength and develop your ability to work over a full range of real-world body movements

Build your Flexibility

Each session includes movements that will encourage your flexibility using your full range of movement, building and developing at your own pace

Increased Motivation

All sessions are completed in a group environment to make you feel involved, motivated and part of a team of like-minded athletes.

But I'm not an athlete; will this be too hard?


These sessions are designed so you can work at your own level of difficulty and will always have the option to progress or regress, aided by the watchful eye of your coach.  Our coaches will also be able to check your technique and give advice on how to improve.

We aim to create a training environment where you can develop your fitness and flexibility and have fun whilst taking part!


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Tuesdays 06:15-07:15 at AlphaBodyWorx Mold